Time for Portland residents to Consider Gutter Protection

Having just made it through the nastiest part of the winter (we hope!), the memory of gutter cleaning should still be fresh in your mind. Chances are, the job involved a ladder, maybe a visit to your roof, sticking your hand or an instrument of some sort into your gutter, and piles and piles of […]

Your Roof and Gutters and the Effect of Severe Weather

We received more calls requesting “snow removal from roofs” during of the last weeks of this past December, than in all the other years we’ve been in business combined!   The Portland area just does not experience this type of weather very often. With many snow or ice related leaks there is not much “repair to […]

Tis the season…for clogged gutters.

Over the last few weeks, we have continued to perform quite a few new GutterFlow installations. Even though the rains have subsided for most of the period, customers are still realizing the benefit of getting the most effective gutter protection system on the market installed before the heavier winter rains come. These folks are looking […]