Tis the season…for clogged gutters.

Over the last few weeks, we have continued to perform quite a few new GutterFlow installations. Even though the rains have subsided for most of the period, customers are still realizing the benefit of getting the most effective gutter protection system on the market installed before the heavier winter rains come. These folks are looking forward to not having to clean their gutters during Portland’s  cold, rainy season.

Speaking of winter, we get the occasional question as to how well or compatible GutterFlow is with holiday lighting. We are always happy to point out that with our unique installation INSIDE of the gutter versus over the gutter (as virtually all other systems involve) there is no problem whatsoever. Christmas lighting can be put up and down without any more difficulty that with unprotected gutters. Additionally, there is no concern over damaging GutterFlow with the light clips.

So decorate away – you might even want buy some extra decorations with all the money you saved by choosing GutterFlow.