Time for Portland residents to Consider Gutter Protection

Having just made it through the nastiest part of the winter (we hope!), the memory of gutter cleaning should still be fresh in your mind.

Chances are, the job involved a ladder, maybe a visit to your roof, sticking your hand or an instrument of some sort into your gutter, and piles and piles of wet, stinky debris. Basically, you just emptied out your “roof top compost bin!”

You might think that autumn would be the busy season for Portland homeowners looking to investment in a gutter protection system. While this is true, late winter and early spring are also a popular time, I suspect due to the recent memory I just outlined above. Sometimes, it takes that one last gutter cleaning to reaffirm how much you dislike the job.

Well, timing is everything, or at least a big part of things. The Portland Home Builder’s Association, of which we at All Surface Cleaning Company (GutterFlow) are members, is wise enough to have it’s largest home show of the year during this season. This year, the Portland Spring Home and Garden Show runs from Wednesday, February 18 through Sunday, February 22nd. We will be exhibiting there as we always do.

What I like the most about a show is that is give the homeowner a quick chance to compare the various gutter protection systems on the market virtually side by side.

There are different approaches to the problem and there is nothing better than seeing a system in action first hand. Pleasantly enough, we are always inundated with numerous attendee comments such as “Well, what do you know, here [GutterFlow] is a system that actually makes sense!” We whole-heartedly agree and look forward to seeing you there. Come visit us at the Portland Expo Center, booth 904.