Just what is GutterFlow™?

GutterFlow is a complete gutter protection system that employs a different principal than ever previously used. It uses the concept of displacement versus ineffective attempts to “cover” your gutter.

Gutter flow installs INSIDE of your gutter instead of OVER it. There is simply no place for debris to go into the gutter.

GutterFlow is made from exterior-grade, open cell polyethylene and is precision cut to fit snugly inside of your gutter. It contains factory treatments of biocide, fungicide (to inhibit the growth of mildew, mold, fungus, algae and moss) and UV stabilizer (to protect against degradation from the sun.)  This conceptually simple but fairly high tech material is exceptionally rugged and durable.

One of the decisions that needed to be made when developing GutterFlow was the size of the open cells.   They had to be small enough to stop even the smallest of debris, such as small hemlock needles, yet large enough to allow things such as pollen, dust, and roof sludge or grit to filter through.   A perfect size was found that accomplishes just that!

GutterFlow protects against leafs, needles, debris, seeds, moss and insects (now a concern of many due to the West Nile Virus.) Birds, small animals and bugs cannot get inside of your gutters.

GutterFlow works with your existing gutters so there is no need to unnecessarily replace otherwise good gutters just to avail yourself of its benefits.   However, there are times that you might actually need new gutters in addition to wanting GutterFlow.   No worries.   We also install continuous seam gutters in both 5K and Facia styles, both with a one year warranty on workmanship and 15 years on materials.

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