Cost comparison to common gutter protection methods

The chart below looks only at the cost advantage that GutterFlow has over other gutter protection methods.   Of course, there many other advantages to GutterFlow, such as:

  • invisible from street level
  • virtually indestructible
  • prevents birds, small animals and insects from nesting inside your gutter
  • does not penetrate your roof from either the top or underside
  • does not overflow during heavy rainfall
  • protect your gutters from icing during freezing weather
  • GutterFlow is the only Impenetrable barrier to leafs, needles, seed pods and all small debris

* cleaning is more expensive when screens must be removed & reinstalled
** based on 25 years

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For comparative purposes only. All calculations base on the same amount of linear gutters per product. All Surface Cleaning Company.

Note: Comparison based on a theoretical house with between 120 to 160 linear  feet of gutters.